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Gentle Control Hackamores
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Advantages of Gentle Control Hackamore The Gentle Control Hackamore is designed so that the fulcrum point (or leverage point) is in the middle of the aluminum plate.

The Fulcrum is half way between the rein attachment points and the lower jaw contact point. Therefore, your horse will feel exactly the same pressure that you apply to the reins.

When correctly adjusted and properly used the Gentle Control Hackamore will encourage:
  • Neck reining is encouraged because all pressure is applied on the same side of the horse. As the neck rein pressure is applied, the aluminum plate twists and applies pressure to the side of the jaw. Horses move away from pressure.
  • Softness and Relaxtion are encouraged because of the hackamore's light weight and instant complete release the horse feels when you release pressure from the reins.
  • Easy backup and Collection are encouraged because when you gently pull back on the reins, the noseband tightens over the bridge of the nose. The nose band is lower on the horse's head than where the aluminum plate contacts the underside of the jaw. This hackamore action encourages the horse to break at the pole and round up the shoulders. This discourages hollowing out of the horse's back.
The Gentle Control Hackamore will discourage:
  • Head tossing is discouraged because when properly adjusted, it feels like a halter to the horse when no rein pressure is applied.
  • Excessive pulling is discouraged because of the sensitive pressure points that are used by the Gentle Control Hackamore.
“I bought my Gentle Control Hackamore at Horse-Expo ‘03 and couldn’t wait to try it. I fit it to my horse, and within 15 minutes my green horse was neck reining! I couldn’t believe it! Now out on the trail I tell everyone who asks, what a wonderful thing it is, and how happy my horse is with it on!” ~Tina Peterson, Woodland Ca.